Iron Workers Local 842



Date: March 17, 2021

TO:   All Members

RE:  Mailing Address


It is your responsibility to keep your mailing address and telephone number updated at all time.  If you have moved and have not yet advised us of the new address, please contact our office at 1-506-634-7313 or by email at with the updated information.

If you are not update in the system, you may miss important information.


Thank You.

Ironworkers Local 842


If you wish to make a payment you can do so with a credit card please call our office at 1-506-634-7313 and we will process the payment by phone. Payments can also be made by cheques, money order, etransfers and Debit cards. 


F4 Tickets

For reimbustments of F4 Qualifying Renewal tickets, please note that you must send in a copy of your ticket as well as the proof of payment to the Union Hall. We can no longer accept pictures of the receipts by email or text. Once those items are received you will be sent a reimbustment cheque. 


The Ironworkers Local 842 website is used to inform our members and the community. Our goal is to achieve a high standard of living and quality of life for our members and their families. Ironworkers install and consolidate structural steel buildings, ornamental steel components, various steel products (footbridges, railings, ladders, ramps and stairways), manufactured concrete, industrial buildings, towers, Bridges, stadiums, conveying equipment, plant maintenance, rebar and prestressing systems. We also manufacture structural steel and rebar on site.



We are pleased to announce that our office now accepts card payments. This included payments made with Interact Debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We will also still except the following form of payments: Email money transfers, Cheque and Money Orders. If you wish to do an email money transfer it may be sent to If you need assistances in sending one you may contact Mélissa at the Union Hall at 1-506-634-7313. Please note that if you are sending an e-tranfer from someone else's account or having someone send it for you please indicate in the message field "Union Dues fo (enter your name)"

Please note that as of October 1st, 2018 we will no longer be able to accept cash.