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BEIJING, November 26 (Reporter Zhang Xi) had just returned to the United States china swimwear manufacturer finished film Huang Xiaoming, today large-scale propaganda film in Beijing, not only spoiled stomping shouting "hate", but also the scene of the film strip to wear sexy lingerie, and said that if the box office over one billion announced with his china swimwear girlfriend Angelababy's wedding.
Generous wear sexy lingerie baby
26 pm, the film "spoiled woman best life" hold "welcome baby" conference in Beijing, Huang Xiaoming Zhou Xun carry successor Xie Lin, Sonia appeared to help out.
For Zhou Xun absent, and her husband went to Hawaii swimwear manufacturers china on vacation, the Huang quipped:. "Nothing, she has her man, I have my woman."
Conference, pour over the time difference Xiaoming yet meet the various requirements, not only spoiled stomping scene shouting "hate", the movie also took off his coat to wear sexy lingerie, causing swimwear manufacturer china the audience laughed.
In addition, Huang Xiaoming also love to share the experience, he believes many people would be ashamed to express love or face, "I think people should take the initiative in the face of true love. So I just want this film swimwear from china to tell you, every man or woman In the face of his true love, when, or braver, go directly to the confession. "
Ridicule "rival" Zheng Kai: Well Pifang
Since the announcement romance, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy girlfriend's swimwear wholesale china wedding has been great concern, he said the statement today at the box office over one billion announced on marriage, "but we have not fixed, but if the box office is up, I would immediately set."
Because the new film called "spoiled woman best life", and swimwear china wholesale asked how to treat a baby girl, Huang Xiaoming expressed particular can not stand, "because I am more soft-hearted, so I was scared like a baby girl."