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I met a very successful man, his wife wholesale vinyl Lingerie also successful than he, a 40-year-old female boss, not so lovely, not soft, not moist. He told his wife difficult arousal, he asked me: Let a woman never thought of thought, from thought humid, how long ah? (This issue, an old man asked out, really sad reminder ah) I told him, this is normal, your old way of life, only to arouse her more plus size vinyl lingerie and more difficult. Many asexual marriage, it can be said that is too routine resulted Fatigue. Especially with the child's parents, a lot of the focus on the child,(birth was letting sexual organs breasts and vagina, because the child involved, become purely sexual organs, it is the granary, the child's leather and vinyl lingerie slide children )
  There is a saying very accurate: "Sex belongs to strangers", sexual needs strangeness and imagination, but the couple need a sense of security they need affection you familiar with his fingering, action, measure, procedure, "pay cheap vinyl lingerie public grain" Well, too We are looking forward to end quickly. That is the nature of life becomes routine. What is sex toys? This property is used to break the routine and resistance to fatigue, the liberation of repressed sex, so that men and women find self-identity. Also, it lets you go beyond your physical black vinyl lingerie limits part, gravity and time, such as your finger can never vibrate like Tiaodan, so Europe and the sex toys called "sex helper."
  We recognize that individuals can feel is, but we use sex toys, pvc vinyl lingerie it can let you realize and reach beyond the physical limits of experience within physiological limits, tantamount to you a new world. Experience is a super rich woman, and man is that all of a sudden, sex toys for a woman to discover and reveal different self, she would deeply in love with yourself, love you, and look wholesale cheap vinyl Lingerie forward to the next; for men, although they are still the his wife, but she is different, fresh, exciting new, you also look forward to the next time.
  Many women say, perfect to bring their strong sexual touching, vinyl lingerie wholesale especially the sense of presence, or even cry, full of thanksgiving and gratitude - this lets two people closer. There is one of our customers say: it is easy to achieve orgasm, a person can; but when I first experienced the body and soul consistency climax, I felt that his brain seems to have fan window is opened, the sun shining, I fly, vinyl Lingerie cheap I seem to have a pair of invisible wings ...... I later made a post, I said, sex, the woman is invisible wings.
  (Curious you give that "success brother" What idea?) Ah, cheap wholesale vinyl lingerie when I asked him: you two are not especially polite in bed? He said that we do not talk in bed. I ask: have not said bad language? He said: I am sorry to say ah. I said, you have to learn to talk dirty, dirty word, let a woman's role changes, brought her another situation, changed her identity, she was liberated.